Alternative Sources Of Calcium

If you are lactose intolerant, I suggest trying the lactaid milk.  It tastes about the same, but has no lactose and you can still get your calcium and so on.  But if you are allergic to milk, you obviously have to think of something else.  You can’t exactly eat coral calcium and frankly pills are great, but they should not substitute for a healthy diet plan.  But frankly, calcium can also be found in juices like orange juice.  One 8oz glass of orange juice provides 35% of the daily requirement of calcium in general. 


 In addition, there are various cereals that you can eat with any kind of milk(rice, soy, nut)that are prepared with calcium actually as are those different kinds of milk.  Dark leafy vegetables can also provide levels of calcium, and sardines and salmon can also give you those benefits.  They essentially are canned with bones generally speaking, and they are high in calcium.  There are obviously many recipes that can help you to make them a bit more appealing if you don’t like the general taste of them. 

But either way, it’s something to consider.  Obviously, all of these are things to consider if you are trying to get more calcium and control your levels as a whole.  It will help you to get the results without the dairy.

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